Bluetooth GPS Receiver | User Manual
Option Two: Mounting Disc on Dashboard (Permanent)
You can position your PDA on the dashboard using the PDA windscreen suction mount (see figure one), PDA
cradle (see figure two) and PDA mounting disc (see figure three).
Warning: This is a permanent solution – the mounting disc cannot be removed once fixed and will mark the
dashboard if forcibly removed.
1. Attach the PDA cradle to the PDA windscreen suction mount by inserting the four tabs at the end of the
suction mount arm in the four slots on the cradle. Ensure that the Close arrow on the suction mount is
pointed toward the top end of the cradle.
2. Find a suitable position on your dashboard where the PDA will be clearly visible by the driver.
Warning: Do not mount your PDA in a way that interferes with airbags or other safety equipment.
3. Use the alcohol swab to thoroughly clean the area of the dashboard that the disc will be mounted to. Do not
touch the area after it is cleaned.
4. Remove the backing from the mounting disc.
5. Press the mounting disc firmly to the dashboard for 30 seconds.
6. Insert the suction cup in the mounting disc, then push the lever down.
7. Place your PDA in the PDA cradle.
8. Squeeze the side arms of the cradle firmly until they are securely holding your PDA.
9. Bend the arm of the suction mount so that the PDA will be clearly visible by the driver.
To remove the PDA windscreen suction mount from the mounting disc, pull the lever up and gently lift the tab on
the rim of the suction cup.
Figure Three
Powering the Bluetooth GPS Receiver with the
Vehicle Power Adapter
You can use the vehicle power adapter to power the Bluetooth GPS Receiver when in a vehicle. If the vehicle power
adapter is plugged in, the receiver will use the external power supply instead of the internal batteries.
1. Plug the smaller end of the vehicle power adapter in to the external power adapter socket on the Bluetooth
GPS Receiver.
2. Remove the cigarette lighter from your cigarette lighter socket.
3. Plug the larger end of the vehicle power adapter in your cigarette lighter socket.
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