Bluetooth GPS Receiver | User Manual
5. Batteries
When using the vehicle power-adapter, you need not remove the batteries. For minimum time to obtain a GPS fix,
ensure that the three AAA batteries are always in the Bluetooth GPS Receiver.
Battery life is up to 30 hours of active use; however, results vary with battery type.
Replacing the Batteries
When the light in the On/Off button turns red, replace the batteries in the Bluetooth GPS Receiver.
To replace the batteries:
1. Remove the battery cover by squeezing the two side-clips while pulling the cover away from the main unit.
2. Remove the old batteries and insert three new AAA dry-cell, rechargeable, or alkaline batteries.
3. Replace the battery cover by inserting the clip in to the bottom slot on the main unit and pressing the side-clips
back in the side slots.
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