Smart V 3.0 | User Manual for Palm OS® 5
3. Smart Desktop
Smart Desktop is used to manage maps to and from your handheld, obtain software updates, manage Custom
Points of Interest (POIs) and install Basemaps.
Accessing Smart Desktop
Once Smart Desktop has been installed, you can access it from the Start menu:
Start > Programs > Navman > Smart Desktop
Updating Smart
It is recommended that you regularly check the Navman website for software updates to the version of Smart you
are using:
Note: Only upgrades to the Smart application are available from the Navman website. Map upgrades must be
purchased from your Navman retailer.
1. Open Smart Desktop: Start > Programs > Navman > Smart Desktop
2. Follow the screen prompts until they finish. The Smart Desktop will appear.
2. On the Setup menu, select Update software then Check for updates on the web.
Your computer will connect to the Internet and display the Navman website.
3. Download the update for your region to your computer, if available.
4. On the Setup menu, select Update software then Update software on handheld.
Follow the prompts to update Smart.
Information about the map
Selected maps
Download selected maps to
memory card
Maps are coloured to indicate
whether they are:
• Selected,
• Installed,
• Available on CD,
• Available from Navman, or
• Not available
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