TE-5170D-BL TSP MFC 10 Operations Manual
1. Shelter Box - 48" x 20" x 20" 74 lbs
TSP MFC Sampler with Brushless
Motor and Digital Timer
TE-5170D-BL 110volt, 60hz
TE-5170D-BLX 220volt, 50hz
TE-5170D-BLXZ 220volt, 60hz
Brushless Blower Motor Assembly
with tubing
TE-5005-BL 110volt
TE-5005-BLX 220volt
Brushless Mass Flow Controller
TE-300-310-BL 110volt
TE-300-310-BLX 220volt
Digital Timer
TE-303 110volt
TE-303X 220volt
24 Hour Chart Recorder
TE-5009 110volt, 60hz
TE-5009X 220volt, 50hz
TE-5009XZ 220volt, 60hz
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