TE-5170D-BL TSP MFC 31 Operations Manual
Voltage Variator with ETI not
-Check Power Supply
-Check Electrical Connections
-Check Motor
Flow Rate Too Low
-Check for leaks
-Check filter media placement
-Ensure only one piece of filter paper is installed
-Check Flow Controller
-Check flow valve(TE-1000PUF samplers only)
-Ensure proper voltage is being supplied
-Check calibration
Chart Recorder not working
-Replace pen point
-Make sure pen point is touching chart
-Make sure pen point is on “0”
-Make sure tubing from motor is in place
-Check Power Supply
-Check motor
Air Leaks
-Make sure all gaskets are in place
-Make sure all connections are secure
-Makes sure connections are not over tightened
-Check for damaged components: Filter holder screen,
gaskets, motor flanges
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