TE-5170D-BL TSP MFC 8 Operations Manual
Product Description
The High Volume Air Sampler (also known as a lead sampler) is the
recommended instrument for sampling large volumes of air for the collection
of TSP (Total Suspended Particulate). The TE-5170D-BL TSP MFC sampler
consists of a TE-5001 Anodized Aluminum Shelter, TE-5001-10 Gabled Roof
Assembly, TE-5005-BL Brushless Blower Motor Assembly, TE-5 x
Stainless Steel Filter Holder with probe hole, TE-5009 Continuous
flow/pressure recorder, TE-300-310-BL Mass Flow Controller, TE-303 Digtal
Timer with Elapsed Time Indicator.
Ambient air monitoring to determine mass concentrations of suspended
particulate relative to air quality standards. This is reported in micrograms
per cubic meter.
Impact of a specific source on ambient levels of suspended particulates by
incorporating a "wind-direction-activation" modification which permits the
sampler to operate only when conditions are such that a source-receptor
relationship exists.
Calibration Requirements
TE-5170D-BL TSP MFC High Volume Air Sampler should be calibrated:
Upon installation
After routine maintenance or exchange of vacuum motor
Once every quarter (three months)
After 360 sampling hours
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