TE-5000 TSP 14 Operations Manual
Step 4
Remove (4) #10- x ½ pan head screws
from the rear of the shelter, attach the lid
to the shelter by placing the lid hinge
plates on the OUTSIDE of the shelter,
line the hinges up with the (4) threaded
holes in the back of the shelter. Use the
(4) #10-X ½ pan head screws that
were removed preciously to attach the lid
hinges to the shelter. *Tighten
Step 5
Adjust the front and rears catch to be
sure that the lid slots lowers over it when
closing. Tighten the roof back hasp and
front catch completely.
Step 6
Attach the chain and S hook assembly to
the side of the shelter with a #6- x /
pan head screw.
Step 7
The Lid can now be secured in an open or
closed position with the S hook.
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