TE-5000 TSP 9 Operations Manual
Calibration Kits
The TE-5028 is the latest calibration kit available for use with the TE-5000 TSP High
Volume Air Sampler.
The TE-5028 is the preferred method to calibrate the TE-5000 TSP High Volume Air
Sampler. It simulates change in the resistance by merely rotating the knob on the
top of the calibrator. The infinite resolution lets the technician select the desired
flow resistance. The TE- calibration kit includes: carrying case,  slack tube
water manometer, adapter plate, ’ piece of tubing, and TE-5028A orifice with flow
calibration certificate. Optional electronic manometer is available.
Each TE-5028A is individually calibrated on a primary standard positive
displacement device (Rootsmeter) which is directly traceable to NIST.
** It is recommended by the EPA that each calibrator should be re-calibrated
annually for accuracy and reliability.
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