2-6 Peripherals
&Initial Display Output
 
   
 
&OnBoard LAN Controller
Enables or disables the onboard LAN function. (Default: Enabled)
If you wish to install a 3rd party add-in network card instead of using the onboard LAN, set this item to
&Above 4G Decoding
Enables or disables 64-bit capable devices to be decoded in above 4 GB address space (only if your system
supports 64-bit PCI decoding). Set to Enabled if more than one advanced graphics card are installed and
their drivers are not able to be launched when entering the operating system (because of the limited 4 GB
memory address space). (Default: Disabled)
&Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT)
Enables or disables Intel® PTT Technology. (Default: Disabled)
&SW Guard Extensions (SGX)
Enables or disables the Intel® Software Guard Extensions technology. This feature allows legal software
to operate in a safe environment and protects the software against attacks from malicious software. The
Software Controlled option allows you to enable or disable this feature with an Intel-provided application.
(Default: Software Controlled)
`Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Displays information on your M.2 PCIe SSD if installed.
`Trusted Computing
Enables or disables Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
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