`Intel(R) Bios Guard Technology
Enables or disables the Intel® BIOS Guard feature, which protects the BIOS from malicious attacks.
&Legacy USB Support
Allows USB keyboard/mouse to be used in MS-DOS. (Default: Enabled)
&XHCI Hand-off
Determines whether to enable XHCI Hand-off feature for an operating system without XHCI Hand-off
support. (Default: Disabled)
&USB Mass Storage Driver Support
Enables or disables support for USB storage devices. (Default: Enabled)
&Port 60/64 Emulation
Enables or disables emulation of I/O ports 64h and 60h. This should be enabled for full legacy support
for USB keyboards/mice in MS-DOS or in operating system that does not natively support USB devices.
(Default: Enabled)
&Mass Storage Devices
Displays a list of connected USB mass storage devices. This item appears only when a USB storage device
is installed.
&Network Stack
Disables or enables booting from the network to install a GPT format OS, such as installing the OS from
the Windows Deployment Services server. (Default: Disabled)
&Ipv4 PXE Support
 Network Stack is enabled.
&Ipv4 HTTP Support
 Network Stack is
&Ipv6 PXE Support
 Network Stack is enabled.
&Ipv6 HTTP Support
 Network Stack is
 
Network Stack is enabled.
&PXE boot wait time
 
Network Stack is enabled. (Default: 0)
&Media detect count
 
Network Stack is enabled. (Default: 1)
Displays information on your NVME PCIe SSD if installed.
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