(Note 1) This item is present only when you install a CPU that supports this feature.
(Note 2) This item is present only when you install a CPU and a memory module that support this feature.
`Advanced CPU Core Settings
&CPU Clock Ratio, CPU Frequency
The settings above are synchronous to those under the same items on the Advanced Frequency Settings
&Core Performance Boost (Note 1)
Allows you to determine whether to enable the Core Performance Boost (CPB) technology, a CPU
performance-boost technology. (Default: Auto)
&SVM Mode
Virtualization enhanced by Virtualization Technology will allow a platform to run multiple operating systems
and applications in independent partitions. With virtualization, one computer system can function as multiple
virtual systems. (Default: Disabled)
&Global C-state Control
(Note 1)
Allows you to determine whether to let the CPU enter C states. When enabled, the CPU core frequency
will be reduced during system halt state to decrease power consumption. (Default: Auto)
&Power Supply Idle Control
Enables or disables Package C6 State.
Typical Current Idle Disables this function.
Low Current Idle Enables this function.
     
&CCD Control (Note 1)
Sets the number of CCDs to be used. (Default: Auto)
&Downcore Control
Allows you to select the number of CPU cores to enable (the number of CPU cores may vary by CPU).
&SMT Mode
Allows you to enable or disable the CPU Simultaneous Multi-Threading technology. This feature only works
for operating systems that support multi-processor mode. Auto
setting. (Default: Auto)
&ExtremeMemoryProile(X.M.P.)(Note 2)
Allows the BIOS to read the SPD data on XMP memory module(s) to enhance memory performance when
Disabled Disables this function. (Default)
    
(Note 2)   
&System Memory Multiplier
Allows you to set the system memory multiplier. Auto sets memory multiplier according to memory SPD
data. (Default: Auto)
&Memory Frequency (MHz)
 
is the memory frequency that is automatically adjusted according to the System Memory Multiplier settings.
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