`Smart Fan 5
Allows you to select a target to monitor and to make further adjustment. (Default: CPU FAN)
&Fan Speed Control
Allows you to determine whether to enable the fan speed control function and adjust the fan speed.
Normal Allows the fan to run at different speeds according to the temperature. You can adjust
the fan speed with System Information Viewer based on your system requirements.
Silent Allows the fan to run at slow speeds.
Manual Allows you to control the fan speed in the curve graph.
Full Speed Allows the fan to run at full speeds.
&Fan Control Use Temperature Input
Allows you to select the reference temperature for fan speed control.
&Temperature Interval
Allows you to select the temperature interval for fan speed change.
&Fan Control Mode
Auto Lets the BIOS automatically detect the type of fan installed and sets the optimal control
mode. (Default)
Voltage Voltage mode is recommended for a 3-pin fan.
PWM PWM mode is recommended for a 4-pin fan.
&Fan Stop
Enables or disables the fan stop function. You can set the temperature limit using the temperature curve.
The fan stops operation when the temperature is lower than the limit. (Default: Disabled)
Displays the current temperature of the selected target area.
&Fan Speed
Displays current fan speeds.
&Flow Rate
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&Temperature Warning
Sets the warning threshold for temperature. When temperature exceeds the threshold, BIOS will emit
warning sound. Options are: Disabled (default), 60oC/140oF, 70oC/158oF, 80oC/176oF, 90oC/194oF.
&Fan Fail Warning
Allows the system to emit warning sound if the fan is not connected or fails. Check the fan condition or fan
connection when this occurs. (Default: Disabled)
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