TE-5000D TSP 12 Operations Manual
1. Open shelter box and remove Anodized Aluminum Shelter.
2. Enclosed in the 13" x 10" x 9" box on bottom of shelter is the TE-5005 Blower
Motor Assembly. Enclosed in the 13 x 0 x  box inside of shelter is the TE-
5003 Filter Holder with TE-5005-9 gasket. Remove from boxes.
3. Screw TE-5005 Filter Holder onto TE-5005 Blower Motor Assembly (tubing and
power cord to the right) make sure TE-5005-9 gasket is in place.
4. Lower Filter Holder and Blower Motor down through top support pan in shelter.
Connect tubing from pressure tap of blower motor to TE-5009 Flow Recorder.
5. Open lid box and remove 5001-10 Roof.
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