12) F_AUDIO (Front Panel Audio Header)
 
your chassis front panel audio module to this header. Make sure the wire assignments of the module
connector match the pin assignments of the motherboard header. Incorrect connection between the module
connector and the motherboard header will make the device unable to work or even damage it.
 For AC'97 Front Panel Audio:
Audio signals will be present on both of the front and back panel audio connections simultaneously.
Some chassis provide a front panel audio module that has separated connectors on each wire
instead of a single plug. For information about connecting the front panel audio module that has
different wire assignments, please contact the chassis manufacturer.
Pin No. 
1 MIC2_L
4 NC
6 Sense
8 No Pin
10 Sense
Pin No. 
3 MIC Power
4 NC
6 NC
7 NC
8 No Pin
10 NC
9 1
10 2
13) BAT (Battery)
 
level, or the CMOS values may not be accurate or may be lost.
You may clear the CMOS values by removing the battery:
1. Turn off your computer and unplug the power cord.
2. Gently remove the battery from the battery holder and wait for one minute.
3. 
4. Plug in the power cord and restart your computer.
Always turn off your computer and unplug the power cord before replacing the battery.
an incorrect model.
Contact the place of purchase or local dealer if you are not able to replace the battery by yourself
or uncertain about the battery model.
Used batteries must be handled in accordance with local environmental regulations.
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