BIOS Setup - 108 -
Parameter Description
Memory Addressing
Press [Enter] for more options.
NUMA notes per socket
Access) notes per socket. Zero will attempt to interleave the two
sockets together.
Options available: NPS0/NPS1/NPS2/NPS4/Auto. Default option
is Auto.
Memory interleaving
Allows for disabling memory interleaving. Note that NUMA nodes
per socket will be honored regardless of this setting.
Options available: Disabled/Auto. Default option is Auto.
Memory interleaving size
Controls the memory interleaving size. The valid value are AUTO,
256 bytes, 512 bytes, 1Kbytes or 2Kbytes. This determines the
starting address of the interleave (bit 8, 9, 10 or 11).
Options available: 256 Bytes/512 Bytes/1 KB/2KB/Auto. Default
setting is Auto.
1TB remap
Attempt to remap DRAM out of the space just below the 1TB
NPS, and interleaving selection, and may not always be possible.
Options available: Do not remap/Attempt to remap.Auto. Default
option is Auto.
DRAM map inversion
Inverting the map will cause the highest memory channels to get
assigned the lowest addresses in the system.
Options available: Disabled/Enabled/Auto. Default option is Auto.
Press [Enter] for more options.
ACPI SRAT L3 Cache as NUMA Domain
Enabled: Each CCX in the system will be declared as a separate
NUMA domain.
Disabled: Memory Addressing \ NUMA nodes per socket will be
Options available: Disable/Enable/Auto. Default option is Auto.
ACPI SLIT Distance Control
Determines how the SLIT distances are declared.
Options available: Manual/Auto. Default option is Auto.
ACPI SLIT remote relative distance
Set the remote socket distance for 2P systems as near (2.8) or far
Options available: Near/Far/Auto. Default option is Auto.
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