- 133 - BIOS Setup
5-7-1 Secure Boot
Parameter Description
System Mode Displays the system is in User mode or Setup mode.
Secure Boot
Enables/Disables Secure Boot. The mode change requires a platform
Options available: Disabled/Enabled. Default setting is Disabled.
Secure Boot Mode(Note)
Secure Boot requires all the applications that are running during the
gets to the login screen have not been tampered with.
When set to Standard, it will automatically load the Secure Boot keys form
the BIOS databases.
When set to Custom, you can customize the Secure Boot settings and
manually load its keys from the BIOS database.
Options available: Standard/Custom. Default setting is Custom.
Restore Factory Keys Forces the system to user mode and installs factury default Secure Boot
key database.
Key Management
set to Custom.
(Note) Advanced items prompt when this item is set to Custom.
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