- 135 - BIOS Setup
5-8 Boot Menu
The Boot menu allows you to set the drive priority during system boot-up. BIOS setup will display an error
Parameter Description
Setup Prompt Timeout
Number of seconds to wait for setup activation key. 65535 (0xFFFF)
Press the numeric keys to input the desired values.
Bootup NumLock State Enable/Disable the Bootup NumLock function.
Options available: On/Off. Default setting is On.
Quiet Boot Enable/Disable showing the logo during POST.
Options available: Disabled/Enabled. Default setting is Enabled.
Boot mode select Selects the boot mode.
Options available: LEGACY/UEFI. Default setting is UEFI.
By default, the server searches for boot devices in the following sequence:
1. Hard drive.
2. CD-COM/DVD drive.
3. USB device.
4. Network.
5. UEFI.
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