- 139 - BIOS Setup
5-9 Save & Exit Menu
The Exit menu displays the various options to quit from the BIOS setup. Highlight any of the exit options then
press [Enter].
Parameter Description
Save Options
Save Changes and Exit Saves changes made and closes the BIOS setup.
Options available: Yes/No.
Discard Changes and Exit Discards changes made and exits the BIOS setup.
Options available: Yes/No.
Save Changes Save changes done so far to any of the setup options.
Options available: Yes/No.
Default Options
Restore Defaults
Loads the default settings for all BIOS setup parameters. Setup Defaults
are quite demanding in terms of resources consumption. If you are using
low-speed memory chips or other kinds of low-performance components
and you choose to load these settings, the system might not function
Options available: Yes/No.
Boot Override 
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