BIOS Setup - 159 -
5-11-8 [0xADXX] assigned for AGESA DF Module
DF PEI entry 0xAD50
DF DXE entry 0xAD55
DF Ready to Boot entry 0xAD56
DF PEI exit 0xADE0
DF DXE exit 0xADE5
DF Ready to Boot exit 0xADE6
5-11-9 [0xAFXX] assigned for AGESA FCH Module
FCH InitReset dispatch point 0xAF01
FCH InitEnv dispatch point 0xAF06
FCH InitMid dispatch point 0xAF07
FCH InitLate dispatch point 0xAF08
FCH InitS3Early dispatch point 0xAF0B
FCH InitS3Late dispatch point 0xAF0C
 0xAF0D
 0xAF0E
FCH Pei Entry 0xAF10
FCH Pei Exit 0xAF11
FCH MultiFch Pei Entry 0xAF12
FCH MultiFch Pei Exit 0xAF13
FCH Dxe Entry 0xAF14
FCH Dxe Exit 0xAF15
FCH MultiFch Dxe Entry 0xAF16
FCH MultiFch Dxe Exit 0xAF17
FCH Smm Entry 0xAF18
FCH Smm Exit 0xAF19
FCH Smm Dispatcher Entry 0xAF20
FCH Smm Dispatcher Exit 0xAF21
FCH InitReset HwAcpi 0xAF40
FCH InitReset AB Link 0xAF41
FCH InitReset LPC 0xAF42
FCH InitReset SPI 0xAF43
FCH InitReset eSPI 0xAF44
FCH InitReset SD 0xAF45
FCH InitReset eMMC 0xAF46
FCH InitReset SATA 0xAF47
FCH InitReset USB 0xAF48
FCH InitReset xGbE 0xAF49
FCH InitReset HwAcpiP 0xAF4F
FCH InitEnv HwAcpi 0xAF50
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