- 161 - BIOS Setup
5-12 BIOS POST Beep code (AMI standard)
5-12-1 PEI Beep Codes
# of Beeps Description
1 Memory not Installed.
1 Memory was installed twice (InstallPeiMemory routine in PEI Core called
2 Recovery started
3 DXEIPL was not found
3 DXE Core Firmware Volume was not found
4 Recovery failed
4 S3 Resume failed
7 Reset PPI is not available
5-12-2 DXE Beep Codes
# of Beeps Description
1 Invalid password
4 Some of the Architectural Protocols are not available
5 No Console Output Devices are found
5 No Console Input Devices are found
6 Flash update is failed
7 Reset protocol is not available
8 Platform PCI resource requirements cannot be met
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