- 31 - System Hardware Installation
3-4 Removing and Installing the CPU
Read the following guidelines before you begin to install the CPU:
the CPU to prevent hardware damage.
Failure to properly turn off the server before you start installing components may cause serious
damage. Do not attempt the procedures described in the following sections unless you are a
Follow these instructions to install the CPU:
1. Loosen the three captive screws securing the CPU cover in sequential order (1g2g3).
2. Flip open the CPU cover.
3. Remove the CPU carrier from the CPU frame using the handle on the CPU carrier.
4. Using the handle on the CPU carrier insert the new CPU carrier with CPU installed into the CPU
NOTE: Ensure the CPU is installed in the CPU carrier in the correct orientation, with the triangle
on the CPU aligned to the top left corner of the CPU carrier.
5. Flip the CPU frame with CPU installed into place in the CPU socket.
6. Flip the CPU cover into place over the CPU socket.
7. Tighten the CPU cover screws in sequential order (1g2g3) to secure the CPU cover in place.
8. Repeat steps 1-7 for the second CPU.
9. To remove the CPUs, follow steps 1-7 in reverse order.
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