System Hardware Installation - 34 -
3-5-2 Removing and Installing a Memory Module
Before installing a memory module, make sure to turn off the computer and unplug the power cord
from the power outlet to prevent damage to the memory module. Be sure to install DDR4 DIMMs on
to this motherboard.
Follow these instructions to install a DIMM module:
1. Insert the DIMM memory module vertically into the DIMM slot and push it down.
2. Close the plastic clip at both edges of the DIMM slots to lock the DIMM module.
3. Reverse the installation steps when you want to remove the DIMM module.
3-5-3 DIMM Population Table
• DIMM must be populated in sequential alphabetic order, starting with bank A.
• When only one DIMM is used, it must be populated in memory slot A1.
RDIMM Maximum Frequency Supported
DIMM Frequency (MT/s)
1R 2R
2DR 1.2V
11-- 3200
-- 13200
2-- 2933
1 1 2933
-- 22933
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