System Hardware Installation - 44 -
3-9 Installing and Removing an M.2 Device
Follow these instructions to install an optional M.2 device:
1. Insert the M.2 device into the M.2 connector.
2. Install the thermal pad of the M.2 device to the M.2 device.
3. Press down on the thermal pad.
4. Secure the M.2 device and its thermal pad to the motherboard with a single screw.
5. Reverse steps 1-4 to remove the M.2 device.
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Installation of the thermal pad over the M.2 device is required when installing an M.2 device. Lack
of the thermal pad may result in system overheat and throttle the system performance.
The position of the stand-off screw will depend on the size of the M.2 device. The stand-off screw
is pre-installed for 22110 cards as standard. Refer to the size of the M.2 device and change the
position of the stand-off screw accordingly.
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