- 73 - BIOS Setup
5-1 The Main Menu
Once you enter the BIOS Setup program, the Main Menu (as shown below) appears on the screen. Use
arrow keys to move among the items and press <Enter> to accept or enter other sub-menu.
Main Menu Help
The on-screen description of a highlighted setup option is displayed on the bottom line of the Main Menu.
Submenu Help
While in a submenu, press <F1> to display a help screen (General Help) of function keys available for the
menu. Press <Esc> to exit the help screen. Help for each item is in the Item Help block on the right side of
the submenu.
When the system is not stable as usual, select the Restore Defaults item to set your system
to its defaults.
The BIOS Setup menus described in this chapter are for reference only and may differ by
BIOS version.
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