BIOS Setup - 90 -
Parameter Description
Device reset time-out USB mass storage device Start Unit command time-out.
Options available: 10 sec/20 sec/30 sec/40 sec. Default setting is 20 sec.
Device power-up delay
Maximum time the device will take before it properly reports itself to the
Host Controller. "Auto" uses default value: for a Root port it is 100 ms, for
a Hub port the delay is taken from Hub descriptor.
Options available: Auto/Manual. Default setting is Auto.
Mass Storage Devices
AMI Virtual CDROM0 1.00 /
HDisk0 1.00
Mass storage device emulation type. AUTO enumerates devices
according to their media format. Optical drives are emulated as CDROM,
drives with no media will be emulated according to a drive type.
Options available: Auto/Floppy/Forced FDD/Hard Disk/CD-ROM. Default
setting is Auto.
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