TE-5200 11 Operations Manual
1. Open both boxes and remove items.
2. Take the three anodized aluminum legs and insert into the leg holders on
the tri-pod pan. Tighten the three thumbscrews to hold legs in place. Set
unit upright.
3. Put filter holder down into opening of tri-pod pan and screw blower
motor assembly onto it, gasket goes in between filter holder and blower
motor assembly.
4. Take tri-pod shelter lid and fasten to back of tri-pod shelter pan using the
4 - / x ½ screws that are installed in the back of the pan. Make sure
hinges are on outside of tri-pod shelter pan.
5. Take front catch piece and fasten to front of tri-pod shelter pan using 2 -
/ x ½ screws, which are taped inside of lid. The chain and S hook
are used to keep lid closed by putting through front catch piece.
6. On front of tri-pod pan, hang  water manometer and motor voltage
control/elapsed time indicator. Using instructions with manometer,
prepare it with green distilled water. Connect tubing from blower motor
assembly to the port on top of the  water manometer.
7. The blower motor assembly male cord set plugs into the female cord set
of the motor voltage control/elapsed time indicator.
8. The motor voltage control/elapsed time indicator male cord set plugs
into line voltage outlet. The motor will come on depending on what the
voltage control pot is set at on front panel. To adjust voltage, take
screwdriver and turn screw on control pot.
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