TE-5200 12 Operations Manual
Calibration Worksheets
Calibration worksheets can be downloaded from our website, www.tisch-
env.com. We recommend that you download the worksheet before following
the procedure below.
Calibration Procedure
The following is a step by step process of the calibration of a Model TE-5200
Tripod Total Suspended Particulate High Volume Sampling System.
Following these steps are example calculations determining the calibration
flow rates, and resulting slope and intercept for the sampler.
The Total Suspended Particulate samplers (TSP) are many times referred to
as lead samplers as this is the primary duty given to these instruments in
most cases. These instruments are suitable for capturing larger particulates
such as heavy metals. Air monitoring studies that are concerned with smaller
respirable particulate generally will call for the use of PM-10 particulate
samplers which have a different calibration procedure.
Proceed with the following steps to begin the calibration:
1. Mount the top loading adapter plate (TE-5035) on top of filter holder and
tighten the hold down nuts securely to assure that no air leaks are present.
Screw the calibration orifice (make sure the TE-5028A is wide open by
turning black knob counter-clockwise) on to the top loading adapter plate.
A sampling filter is generally not used during this procedure.
2. Allow the sampler motor to warm up to its normal operating
temperature. If TE-5010 Motor Voltage Control/Elapsed Time
Indicator is plugged in it has to be unplugged so the Blower Motor is
running wide open.
3. Conduct a leak test by covering the holes on top of the orifice and pressure
tap. Listen for a high-pitched squealing sound made by escaping air. If this
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