TE-5200 23 Operations Manual
Sampler Operation
1. After performing calibration procedure, remove filter holder frame by
loosening the four wing nuts allowing the brass bolts and washers to
swing down out of the way. Shift frame to one side and remove.
2. Wipe any dirt accumulation from around the filter holder with a clean
3. Carefully center a new filter, rougher side up, on the supporting screen.
Properly align the filter on the screen so that when the frame is in position
the gasket will form an airtight seal on the outer edges of the filter.
4. Secure the filter with the frame, brass bolts, and washers with sufficient
pressure to avoid air leakage at the edges (make sure that the plastic
washers are on top of the frame).
5. Close shelter lid carefully and secure with the "S" hook.
6. To start TE-5200 TSP Tripod High Volume Air Sampler, plug male cord set
from blower motor into female cord set of motor voltage control/elapsed
time indicator. Plug male cord set from motor voltage control into line
voltage. Turn control screw clock-wise to increase voltage to motor.
7. At the end of the sampling period, remove the frame to expose the filter.
Carefully remove the exposed filter from the supporting screen by holding
it gently at the ends (not at the corners). Fold the filter lengthwise so that
sample touches sample.
IMPORTANT: It is highly advisable to contact any labs that you are in
cooperation with in order to receive advice on filter handling, sample
collection, and other regulations that may be specific to the institute you are
working with.
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