TE-5200 27 Operations Manual
Motor Brush Replacement
(120v Brush part #TE-33384)
(220v Brush part #TE-33378)
CAUTION: Unplug the unit from any line voltage sources before any servicing
of blower motor assembly.
The following steps are accompanied by pictures to aid your understanding
of motor brush replacement procedures. Please be aware that the pictures
are standardized and may not match the equipment that you are using.
Motor brush removal and replacement does not change based on motor or
brush type, so do not be confused if your equipment differs from what is
1. Remove the blower motor flange by removing the four bolts. This will
expose the gasket and the motor.
2. Turn assembly on side, loosen the cord retainer and then push cord into
housing and at the same time let motor slide out exposing the brushes.
3. Looking down at motor. There are 2 brushes, one on each side. Carefully
pry the brass quick disconnect tabs (the tabs are pushed into end of
brush) away from the expended brushes and toward the armature. Try to
pry the tabs as far as you can without damaging the armature.
4. With a screwdriver loosen and remove brush holder clamps and release
brushes. Carefully, pull quick disconnect tabs from expended brushes.
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