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12.5 Solar Controller Operation
The Solar accessory is controlled from a Morningstar SunSaver MPPT charge
NOTE: The instruction manual is included with each solar accessory and
should be consulted for proper operation of the solar controller.
The controller has system status and battery status LEDs. Consult the user
manual for LED status indications
12.6 Proper Solar Panel Orientation
Direction to face a solar panel
Solar panels should always face true south if you are located in the northern
hemisphere and true north if you are located in the southern hemisphere. ‘True’
North and South are not the same as magnetic north and south. If using a
compass you must find out your location’s magnetic declination. There are
several websites that are useful for this. The National Geophysical Data Center
offers a calculator.
This website will calculate your latitude and longitude and the magnetic
declination at that location. At our facility in Cleves, OH the magnetic
declination is 5 Degrees West. So to properly point a solar panel you would
use a compass to find magnetic north, then move 5 degrees to the west to find
the true north since our facility is located in the northern hemisphere.
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