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13.3 Replacing the Batteries
The battery pack that is utilized in the sampler is 24VDC at 5 amp-hours. It
contains two sealed lead acid (SLA) type batteries and can be ordered by part
number TE-W-200. When the batteries have failed there will be an alarm that
indicates battery failure. There is also an alarm when the batteries have been
fully discharged. When this alarm activates, there is only several minutes of
battery time before power is lost. If the batteries are not keeping the system
energized for very long this is also an indication that the batteries need
replacing. When the batteries fail, the sampler will continue to operate as
normal, except when there is a mains power loss, the unit will power down
The sealed lead-acid batteries in the system should last approximately 5 years.
Typical Runtime During Sampling:
Approximately 3-4 hours
Typical Runtime Idle:
Approximately 8-9 hours
To replace the batteries perform the following:
WARNING Before opening covers to perform maintenance, ensure unit is
powered down completely. To power down completely, remove mains power
and disconnect the battery at:
1. Power down the sampler.
2. Remove the lower front cover by removing the 4 screws with a phillips
3. Locate the cable that is connected to the battery pack. Unplug the
battery pack from the unit.
4. Unhook the Velcro straps that secure the battery pack into the battery
pack tray.
5. Remove the old battery pack.
NOTE: Check with local environmental and recycling agencies for the
proper disposal of sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA).
6. Install new battery pack and secure with Velcro straps into the battery
pack tray.
7. Plug the new battery pack in to the unit.
8. Reinstall the lower front cover.
9. Allow the batteries to charge a full 24 hours by having unit plugged into
mains power.
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