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14.0 Troubleshooting
This section explains methods to troubleshoot various conditions and alarms
with the TE-Wilbur sampler.
WARNING Maintenance should only be performed by trained individuals.
This troubleshooting section assumes the person that is performing the
troubleshooting steps is trained to recognize electrical hazards.
WARNING Some troubleshooting techniques will require that mains power
is ON while the front covers are removed. Only an electrically trained person
should be performing these tasks and care should be taken to prevent electrical
shock at all times.
14.1 Service Locations
For additional assistance, questions or technical support, please contact:
Tisch Environmental
145 South Miami Ave.
Cleves, OH 45002
Visit us on the web for product updates at www.tisch-env.com.
14.2 Electrical System
The electrical system is rated for 120/230VAC at 50/60Hz. The system is
transitioned to 24VDC using a 60 watt power supply which in turn powers the
system. AC Mains power is switched through the front green LED pushbutton
switch. AC power is interrupted from a 1A pushbutton circuit breaker and DC
power is interrupted from a 3A fuse.
Possible Cause
Possible Remedy
Unit will not power on
No AC Mains power
Using a voltage meter, check power on the cord
and ensure cord is seated properly in the socket
in the side box.
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