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Possible Cause
Possible Remedy
Open front cover, if green LED is not ON check
voltage on black connector, if voltage is present,
check operation of the pushbutton and ensure
voltage to the purple connector when button is
pressed, replace green LED pushbutton if not
functioning properly.
If voltage is not present on the black connector
and mains power is plugged in, then check the
1A circuit breaker for proper operation.
No DC power
Check DC operation ensure AC mains power
is present on L and N on the top of the power
supply and DC(+) and DC(-) has 27VDC
present. If DC power is present and the unit will
not power on, check and replace the 3A fuse.
If there is AC voltage present on the power
supply and no DC voltage from the power
supply, disconnect the DC(+) terminal and
measure again. If still no voltage replace power
If after disconnecting the DC(+) wire and there
is 27VDC on the DC(-) and DC(+) terminals,
there is a short somewhere between the DC(+)
and DC(-) terminals.
Sampler states mains
power off but unit is
plugged into mains
Power fail relay
needs replaced
Ensure mains power is on and by following
steps above. There is a green LED on the front
of the relay that indicates the unit is powered.
Check to ensure there is AC voltage on
terminals A1 and A2 on the power fail relay.
Check continuity on terminals 11 and 12. When
power is off, these terminals should be closed
and when power is on the terminals should be
If power fail relay is operating properly, check
the input to the PLC. The power fail relay is
connected to input 3. When mains power is off
the LED on the PLC for input 3 should be ON.
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