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14.4 Flowmeter
The flowmeter is a TE-Wilbur part number TE-W-150. The flowmeter is a
thermal mass type that is ranged 0-25 Lpm and provides a 4/20mA analog
output to the PLC for flow indication. The flowmeter is powered from the DC
power supply.
Possible Cause
Possible Remedy
No flow when pump is
running or alarm that
flowmeter is failed
Cable unplugged
Check the cable that connects to the flowmeter
and ensure it is seated properly.
Flowmeter failed
There is an indicator light on the top of the
flowmeter that will blink green when flow is
present and red when a failure occurs.
Check that there is 27VDC on terminals 5(+)
and 6(-) which is the power for the flowmeter.
Remove the wire from terminal 4 (signal) and
place a current meter that can measure mA
signals in series from the wire to the terminal.
When flow is traveling through the flowmeter
there should be a proportional 4-20mA signal
through this signal wire.
If 4-20mA signal is present and working, then
replace the analog card on the PLC.
Replace flowmeter.
No flow
Check all pneumatic connections to the
flowmeter to ensure there is air flow through the
flowmeter sensor.
Replace flowmeter.
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