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14.5 Barometric Pressure
The barometric pressure sensor is a TE-Wilbur part number TE-W-154. The
barometric pressure sensor is a highly accurate sensor that is powered from
the DC power supply and provides a 4/20mA signal proportional to the range
of the barometric pressure. The range of the sensor is 450 to 1238 mmHg.
Possible Cause
Possible Remedy
Wrong or no reading of
barometric pressure or
alarm that sensor has
Sensor unplugged
Check the cable that connects to the barometric
pressure sensor and ensure it is connected
properly onto the terminal strip at the following
terminal locations:
White wire (signal) Terminal 9
Black wire (Ground) Terminal 10
Red wire (Supply) Terminal 11
No Voltage
Sensor or PLC input
card failed
Check to make sure there is 27VDC on
terminals 11(+) and 10(-).
Remove the wire from terminal 9 (signal) and
place a current meter that can measure mA
signals in series from the wire to the terminal.
At standard barometric pressure of 760mmHg
the sensor should be outputting around 5mA.
If 4-20mA signal is present and working, then
replace the analog card on the PLC.
Replace Barometric pressure sensor.
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