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14.7 Pump system
The pump is a TE-Wilbur part number TE-W-300 with the TE-W-301 pump
controller circuit board. The pump is a brushless 24VDC motor with a
diaphragm-type pump. The pump is controlled via a pump controller circuit
board located inside on the back panel. The pump controller takes a voltage
input from the PLC output card that is ranged 1-5 VDC from zero speed to full
speed. The pump controller board is also powered from the 24VDC supply.
Possible Cause
Possible Remedy
Pump will not start
Cable unplugged
Controller board
pump or analog
output card failed
Ensure all the connectors on the pump controller
are seated properly.
Measure voltage on the 24VDC terminals,
should be 27VDC. See Section 12 for diagram
of the controller board.
Put the pump in manual by selecting on the
screen <Maintenance> <Manual Control> and
select to run the pump in manual control. Ramp
up the pump speed to about 50%. Measure the
voltage on the control signal connector it
should be a 2-3VDC. If no voltage is present
when in manual mode check all wiring to the
PLC card. Replace the PLC analog output card.
Make sure the pump cable is seated properly and
is in the terminal correctly. Remove and seat
again. Try replacing the pump if all signals to
the board are working.
Replace the controller board if you have 27VDC
on the power connection and the PLC is giving
a correct output control signal and you have
replaced the pump.
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