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2.7 Instrument Setup
Prior to field installation, it is recommended to get familiar with the operation
and use of the sampler. Once operators are familiar with the operation of the
unit the following should be followed for proper field operation
o Follow the siting guidelines in 2.6.
o Place the stand on a level surface and secure if necessary with screws
or sand-bags to prevent strong winds from knocking over unit.
o Place the sampler onto the stand and secure with the (8) provided bolts
and brackets
o Place the downtube through the hole on top of the unit and push down
into unit. If sampling for PM10, push the downtube onto the top of the
filter holder. If sampling for PM2.5, place the TE-PM2.5C cyclone on
top of the filter holder first, then push the downtube onto the cyclone.
o Place the PM10 head on top of the downtube.
o Attach the ambient temperature probe and radiation shield onto the left
side of the enclosure with (2) 1/4-20 x 5/8” bolts and screw in the
cable connection to the socket.
o Plug the sampler into a reliable AC electrical source that is grounded.
o Turn on the unit by pressing the green power button on the inside front
cover of the unit.
o Allow the unit to equilibrate to ambient conditions. This could take up
to an hour if ambient temperatures are very warm or cold.
o Set the time and date.
o Perform an external leak check.
o Perform a calibration check of the temperatures, barometric pressure
and flow system unit comes from the factory pre-calibrated.
o Enter the site ID.
o Turn power off by pressing the green power button and make sure the
unit remains powered on the batteries.
o Turn power back on.
o Setup a sample and install a clean filter, enter the filter ID.
o The unit is ready for field operation.
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