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4.4 Adjusting the Filter Holder
The filter holder is factory adjusted and will likely never need adjustment. If
the assembly should become loose and require adjustment, perform the
following steps:
1. Loosen the drive rod nut (see item 14 in section 4.1) with a ¾” wrench
and turn counterclockwise a few turns.
2. The drive rod (see item 10 in section 4.1) should now be able to be
turned freely.
3. To tighten the filter holder mechanism turn the drive rod in a
counterclockwise rotation a few turns with the filter holder wrench,
turning it out of the cam lever plate (see item 4 in section 4.1).
4. To loosen the filter holder mechanism turn the drive rod in a clockwise
location, turning it a few turns into the cam lever plate.
5. Test the tightness or looseness of the drive rod by opening and closing
the filter holder.
6. Keep turning the drive rod until the desired tightness or looseness is
achieved, and then tighten the drive rod nut by turning clockwise with
the filter holder wrench securing it and the drive rod onto the cam lever
4.5 Filter Holder Maintenance
The filter holder is maintenance free with the exception of tightening or
loosening the mechanism if the system should become loose or is having an
issue passing a leak check.
There are o-rings on the top and bottom mate pieces that seal the filter cassette.
If there appears to be a leak in the system, inspect these for wear or damage.
Replace if needed. See section 13.0 Maintenance for instructions on replacing
the o-rings on the filter holder.
The filter holder should be cleaned on a monthly basis to keep stray particulate
matter from affecting sampling results. The inside of the bottom and top mate
and the top tube can be cleaned with distilled water or a general purpose cleaner
and a soft cloth.
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