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The filter cassette comes with a protective case and an anti-static bag and is
assembled as follows:
4.7 Lot, Field and Lab Blanks
Lot Blanks
Lot blanks are clean, unexposed filters that are used to determine the filter
weight stability over a long period of time. Lot blanks are (3) filters selected
from a single shipment of filters from a supplier. Lot blanks are conditioned
for an initial 24 hours prior to the initial pre-weight determination. The (3)
filters are then reweighed periodically (daily or weekly) and stored in the
conditioning chamber with the other filters from the lot between being weighed.
This weighing of lot blanks should continue until the weekly weight change of
the filters is less than 15µg. This determines the period of time a filter lot should
be conditioned before it can be used for routine sampling.
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