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1.0 Introduction
This instrument (TE-WILBUR) is named to honor Wilbur P. Tisch, an
innovator and pioneer in the design and construction of particulate monitoring
instruments since the 1950s. Wilbur and his father contracted with the US
Department of Public Health (before the US EPA was commissioned) to
develop a high volume air sampler which would become the first active
particulate monitoring instrument used to monitor particulate matter in ambient
air. As a result of Wilbur’s 60+ years in this industry, more than one million
instruments have been put to work collecting air samples that have been used
to learn the effects and health issues of particulate concentrations in our air.
Wilbur serves as the Ambassador of Tisch Environmental while working with
his three sons Bob, Jim and John. Wilbur’s rich work ethic, diligence,
productiveness and conscientious attitude have laid the foundation for the
success of Tisch Environmental. With four generations of experience,
leadership and know-how, the Tisch family would like to welcome you to the
company and thank you for choosing Tisch Environmental.
1.1 TE-Wilbur Overview
TE-Wilbur is a filter-based, ambient air particulate sampler. The USEPA has
designated it a federal reference method for the collection of PM2.5 and PM10
particulates using model number TE-Wilbur2.5 for PM2.5 and TE-Wilbur10 for
PM10. This product is capable of collecting several different size fractions of
particulate matter. When configured for collection of PM10, only the PM10 size
selective inlet (TE-PM10-D) is installed. When configured to collect PM2.5, the
TE-PM2.5C cyclone or WINS impactor is installed downstream of the PM10
size selective inlet. A TSP (Total Suspended Particulate) option is also
The unit has many features that make operation very simple and
straightforward. The unit utilizes a full-color active touch screen and menus
that makes operation quick and easy to understand. Operation of the unit is
simple, with screens guiding the operator each step of the way. Sample run
summary data is downloaded with a USB thumb drive and presented in a .CSV
format. The system monitors and records all system sensors such as flow,
temperatures and barometric pressure, and also records the system pressure,
filter temperature variation, and flow total which provides the operator or
laboratory technician additional information on the sample if warnings or
alarms occurred during the sample run. The system runs solely from 24VDC
power. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is incorporated into the system
that allows the system to keep operating for several hours during a power loss.
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