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So if for example, the ambient temperature sensor is unplugged, the history log
screen will be shown notifying the operator that there is a problem. The ambient
temperature sensor notification will be highlighted and will be red.
If the operator plugs the ambient temperature sensor back in, the alarm will still
be highlighted and active until the operator acknowledges the alarm by pressing
the acknowledge alarm button. Once that is pressed, the alarm will turn black
indicating that it is no longer active and the system will be back to normal.
The alarm/event is time and date stamped when it occurred and when it was
The following two colors are used:
Indicates that an event or an alarm is active and is in progress. So
for example when a sample is engaged this will be shown in red
on the history log until that sample is canceled.
Indicates that an event or an alarm is no longer active or in
progress. So when an alarm is cleared and then acknowledged it
will be black.
NOTE: When there is an active alarm that requires attention, there will be
this symbol shown on the top right corner of every screen:
The operator can go directly to the history log by pressing this symbol.
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