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11.0 Leak Checks
This section details the leak check functions of TE-Wilbur.
11.1 Leak Check Introduction
There are two types of leak checks, an internal leak check and an external leak
check. The external leak check checks the entire system from the output of the
solenoid, to the end of the downtube and utilizes a TE-L30 adapter to plug the
flow stream where the TE-PM10-D head would normally be. The internal leak
check uses a TE-W-004 solid, blank disk that is inserted into the filter holder
and checks the leak from the bottom of the filter holder to the output of the
solenoid, bypassing any leaks in the filter holder, downtube or TE-L30 adapter.
Per USEPA 40CFR Part50 App. L the sampler must be able to pass a leak check
to demonstrate a leak of no more than 80mL/min is present. Using
thermodynamic formulas the sampler calculates the ending pressure necessary
to pass a leak check that demonstrates no more than an 80mL/min leak in the
Pneumatic flow diagram of TE-Wilbur
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