TE-CD-TSP 25 Operations Manual
Enter the ambient barometric pressure (Pa) inches of Hg at
calibration, the Pa in mmHg will be calculated by the
2. Enter the calibration information by performing each calibration point and
entering the following information into each corresponding row for each
Calibration Information
The pressure measured at the orifice port using a manometer. The first point
should be performed with the orifice knob turned counter-clockwise or wide open,
then four consecutive points turning the orifice knob clockwise (not closed)
Good idea to take a few extra points here.
The pressure measured at the sampler side port using a
manometer (clear tubing that is connect to bulk head fitting that is
connected to side of filter holder)
The calibrator flow is calculated (Qa) using the formula:
 "20
The calculated flow in m3/min will be calculated using the g-factor formula, this flow will correspond to the flow
found in the lookup table supplied with the VFC.
The percent difference will be calculated using the formula:
% = ()  
()   100
As per stated in the method IO-2.1, % Difference calculations should be less than +-4%
3. To calculate the total air volume during the sample enter the following
Calculate Total Air Volume Using G-Factor
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