TE-CD-TSP 36 Operations Manual
One thing that is sometimes overlooked during sampling or during the design of an SOP is that there are
limitations to what the sampler as a whole is capable of. The sampler can control the flow over a wide
range of flow rates. However, it may not be capable of doing this with all filter media. For example,
filter media with a high pressure drop will require more vacuum capacity from the motor. There is a
tradeoff between vacuum capacity and flow rate. As the required pressure drop across the filter media
increases, the maximum sustainable flow rate will decrease. It is very important to test the filter media,
capacity of the system, and expected loading of the filter media when designing an SOP. This is true for
all samplers regardless of manufacturer.
If the end user observes that the sampler is consistently falling to meet the requirements of the SOP and
has verified the operation of the unit without the sample media installed, they should contact the SOP
writer for further instructions.
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