TE-CD-TSP 38 Operations Manual
“Ambient” Temperature
The Ambient Temperature thermocouple port is used to make the Tamb measurement. A Type
K thermocouple must be used. The sensing tip of the thermocouple should be located so that it receives
air flow while the unit is sampling and is always shield from the sun. By locating the sensor in this
manner, it can be used to monitor two items of importance. Most importantly, this will allow for the
accurate measurement of the ambient temperature while the unit is sampling. In addition, when the unit
is not sampling this allows the temperature of the filter to be approximated. This can be of importance
when sampling for compounds that may changes phases (i.e. from solid to gas) due to changes in
temperature. Below, is a picture showing a suitable location for the thermocouple. Note the
thermocouple tip should be located so that it does not come into direct contact with any surface.
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