TE-CD-TSP 40 Operations Manual
User Interface: Power Status Light
The Power Status Light indicates when power had been applied to the unit. A solid green light indicates
that unit is running and receiving power. A flashing green light indicates that the motor is on.
User Interface: Alert Status Light
The Alert Status Light indicates the alert state of the unit. The unit monitors several operating
parameters and alerts the user to take action when these parameters fall out of the expected range. A
flashing red light indicates that a non-fatal alert has occurred. The unit will continue to operate, but may
not be functioning optimally. A solid red light indicates a fatal alert has occurred. The unit will not
continue to operate. To determine the source of the alert, use the INFO key on the main status screen.
See INFO section of this manual for more details.
User Interface: Buzzer
The Buzzer is primarily used to provide auditory feedback when a key is pressed. In addition, the
buzzer provides auditory feedback for the boot loader program used to upgrade the operating firmware
of the unit. More details of this function will be provided with the release of new firmware.
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