TE-CD-TSP 45 Operations Manual
4. The first page of the sample data for this timer event will be displayed. The arrow keys can be
used to switch to the different pages. Press the “ESC” key to exit and return to the list of
available dates and times. Continue press the “ESC” key to return to the Main Screen.
Step by Step: Saving Data to the USB Memory Drive
The following instructions provide step by step instruction for saving data to the USB memory card.
Do not remove the memory stick while the unit is saving data. This could
cause corruption of the data and usb drive.
1. Insert the USB memory stick into the USB port above the “POWER” status light.
2. Starting from the Main Screen, press the “F2” key to access the “DATA” menu.
3. Select the “SAVE” menu item and press the “ENT” key. This will save the data to the USB stick
using the comma separated values file format (CSV) which can be viewed using Microsoft Excel
or other spreadsheet programs. The format data files created by the unit are described in the
DATA FORMATS section of this manual.
4. Press the “ESC” key to return to the Main Screen.
Step by Step: Flow Calibration entering the G factor
Flow calibration is determined by the geometry of the specific VFC orifice. Each VFC orifice is
calibrated at the factory when it is manufactured. The calibration process determines a single value that
characterizes the flow properties of the orifice. This value is called the G Factor (the G factor is printed
on the serial number tag on the VFC device and is also printed on the VFC device look up table). The
VFC+ requires this G Factor in order to calculate the flow rate. This value is entered using the
following procedure:
1. Press the ‘F3’ to enter the SETUP menu.
2. Press the ‘ENT’ key to acknowledge the warning message concerning SETUP.
3. Select the CALIBRATE menu item and press ‘ENT’.
4. Select the Qamb menu item and press ‘ENT’.
5. Press ‘F1’ to enter the G Factor.
6. The unit will prompt “ENTER G FACTOR”. Enter the G Factor using the numeric keypad and
press the ‘ENT’ key to accept the new value.
7. Press ‘F4’ to exit the Calibration screen.
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