TE-CD-TSP 55 Operations Manual
Saving Data
If the control unit is equipped with the optional data drive, then the data logs may be saved to the USB
memory stick for later review using a PC. The data logs are stored in the CSV (comma separated
values) format. In addition to saving the timer sample event logs, the units also saves a configuration
log, interval log, calibration log, and power log. Further details on the data format are presented in the
DATA LOG FORMATS section of this manual.
Notes on the usage of the USB data drive:
All USB memory sticks are not created equal and some vary greatly in how well they adhere to
the specifications. A USB memory stick from 64mb to 2gb is recommended.
While it possible to save data to a memory stick used for other purpose (i.e. like a digital camera
or portable drive), this is not recommended.
Each unit records a single data file that is named with the serial number of the unit. It is
therefore possible to use a single memory stick to save data from multiple units.
If a memory stick already contains saved data from the same unit, it will be overwritten.
If you experience errors when saving the data, it is possible that the memory stick is not
compatible or has become corrupted. Memory sticks can become corrupted if they are used for
purposes other than saving data from the unit or if the data saving process is interrupted. In most
cases, this can be resolved by formatting the memory stick on a PC.
Erasing Data
The ERASE menu (shown above) provides ability to erase the different data logs that are collected by
the system. The control unit automatically overwrites the oldest data in each of the logs, so this feature
does not need to be used on a routine basis. It can be used in situation where the unit has changed
locations and the user no longer wishes to review the data from the other site.
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