TE-CD-TSP 56 Operations Manual
The SETUP menu allows the various operating parameters of the unit to be configured and/or
monitored. Some of these parameters include the ETIs, Sensor calibrations, and general diagnostics.
ETI Menu Item
The ETI menu item contains information and setting pertaining to the elapsed time indicator maintained
by the system. For further details on the ETI’s refer to the ETI section of this manual.
Configure Menu Item
The CONFIGURE menu item allows various operating parameters to be edited. This includes the
setting the date and time, flow rate parameters, timer mode, and other items. For further details on the
Configure menu refer to the CONFIGURATION section of this manual.
Calibrate Menu Item
The CALIBRATE menu item provide calibration function for the various sensors in the system. For
more details on the CALIBRATE menu refer to the CALIBRATION section of this manual.
Diagnostics Menu Item
The DIAGNOSTICS menu item provides item that are helpful in troubleshooting and diagnosing the
operation of the unit. Refer to the DIAGNOSTICS section of this manual for additional details.
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