TE-CD-TSP 60 Operations Manual
Setting the LCD Contrast
The LCD CONTRAST menu item controls the software contrast adjustment of the LCD. Press the ENT
key with the LCD CONTRAST menu item selected to change the LCD contrast setting. Use the “+”
and “-” keys to change the contrast level. The contrast level can be set between 0 and 63. Press the
“ESC” key when the contrast is at the desired level. The default contrast level is 32. The LCD contrast
adjustment can also be accessed by pressing the “+” or “-” keys during the first 5 seconds the unit is
turned on (while the startup screen is displayed).
Setting the Interval Log Period
The LOG INTERVAL menu item determines the time period in minutes over which the data is averaged
before an entry is made in the interval data log. Setting the LOG INTERVAL to a value of 0 will
disable the interval log. The default value is 5 minutes.
Setting the Timer Mode
The TIMER MODE menu item determines whether the timer operates as a normal timer or in remote
trigger mode. The two choices for this menu item are “TIMER” and “REMOTE”. When configured for
“TIMER” operation, the unit will start sampling for a predetermined time for a set duration. When
configured for “REMOTE” operation, the unit will sample when the appropriate signal is applied to the
Remote input. For additional information refer to the TIMER section of this manual.
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